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Based on countless meetings with clients, we have found that companies with dynamic business needs find themselves committing heavily to off-the-shelf products, fitting their needs into a piece of software that does not supply all of the functions required. These ready-made products will not suffice in the environment of ever-changing functionality required for a business to run and grow efficiently over time.

You may need to upgrade to a newer release, develop custom applications, or integrate new third-party software into your existing framework.

Upon IT Strategies Group’s analysis, comprehensive testing, and auditing, it is frequently discovered that the software that suits your specific needs simply isn't available on the market. When packaged solutions and software aren't sufficient or flexible enough for your enterprise, we will custom-build to your company’s unique specifications.

Many businesses attempt to internally customize these packaged solutions as well as they are able, but inevitably come to the realization that custom-built solutions are the next step in the evolution of their company’s growth and efficiency. Further, these custom-built applications are often required to integrate into existing third-party software. At IT Strategies Group, we are experts at integrating any third-party software in both custom-built and off-the-shelf packages. We offer a complete range of services, from application development and testing, to the implementation, management, and support of your entire integrated system.

IT Strategies Group does this by adopting a unique combination of development methodologies. It combines the proven conventional method of software life-cycle with Agile software and application development, providing a highly efficient, highly scalable, and robust software solution.

IT Strategies Group, with over 25 years experience in developing business-critical Software/Applications and Real-Time Systems, offers the following:

IT Strategies Group develops and implements software solutions to a variety of industries, including Oil & Gas, Insurance, Government,  Healthcare, Education, Communications, and Retail.

IT Strategies Group keeps constantly abreast of all the latest technologies, including Web 2.0 and HTML 5.0. We are 100% customer-centric, and will always provide the best software solutions for your unique needs in order to enhance your ROI.



“Virtualization” is best described as essentially designating one computer to do the job of multiple computers by sharing the resources of that single computer across multiple environments. Virtual servers and virtual desktops allow you to host multiple operating systems and multiple applications locally and in remote locations, freeing your business from physical and geographical limitations.

In addition to the obvious energy savings and lower capital expenses caused by more efficient use of your hardware resources, Virtualizing your delivery infrastructure results in a higher availability of resources, centralized management, increased security, and improved disaster recovery processes. In essence, Virtualization lets you transform your hardware into software.

The “Virtual Machine” approach to Virtualization inserts a thin layer of software directly on the computer hardware or on a host operating system. This software layer creates virtual machines and contains a virtual machine monitor, or "hypervisor," that allocates hardware resources dynamically and transparently, allowing multiple operating systems to run concurrently on a single physical computer -- without anyone even knowing it. But Virtualizing a single physical computer is just the beginning at IT Strategies Group. Virtualization products offer robust virtualization platforms that can scale across hundreds of interconnected physical computers and storage devices to form an entire virtual infrastructure.

At IT Strategies Group, our task is to understand your business and its operational processes, and then help create a customized solution that supports and enhances those operational processes. Through successful information gathering, insightful analysis, and an explanation of the requirements, we are able to understand your specific needs and business processes so we can be a value-added partner to you and your organization.

IT Strategies Group’s certified in-house engineers will assess your systems, desktops, and applications, then translate them into a virtual solution that suits your business’s specialized needs, providing you the highest return on your investment. We will successfully deploy Virtualization technologies that deliver proven solutions that are exactly right for your business.

Let us help you Virtualize today and make your business more secure and scalable!